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Villages of Glanbrook

Click on the links below to discover more about the communities that form the region of Glanbrook:

Binbrook Blackheath Elfrida Glanford Station Hannon
Mount Hope Nebo North Glanford Sinclairville Tyneside

About The Glanbrook Heritage Society

To simplify local historical interests, one group was needed to collect, maintain and preserve the creation and history of the former Townships of Binbrook and Glanford. These were amalgamated to form the Township of Glanbrook in the Regional Municipality of Hamilton Wentworth in 1974. The Glanbrook Heritage Society is the name change ratified by the Glanford Historical Society (established as a registered non-profit organization in 1984)for use with the merger of the Binbrook Historical Society ( 1975), the Maggie Johnson Heritage Foundation (est. 1985) and the Glanford Historical Society.

Since the disappearance of Binbrook, Glanford and most recently Glanbrook more and more information vanishes forever as papers and pictures are destroyed and the older generations pass away along with their knowlege. To minimize the loss of this information the former societies have undertaken the task of collecting the history of the townships to be presented in the public in book form. This has been done to a certain extent with the publication of four books by the two historical societies.

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